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The Birth of : Roller Vertical Exploration Inc.

It all started with a determined father who wanted to share his values with his three children and they're friends. Together they enjoyed outdoor activities aka rappelling, mountain climbing and hiking. In 1994 the growing wave of extreme sports came and the kids knew they needed a place to practice. From that point the creation and construction of the skatepark took its place.

The Skate Park

Heres a brief summary of the history of this skatepark:

the skatepark was not constructed all at once many years of hard work and sacrifice by the local community kids have made it what it is and what it will be, because to us ( that includes 20 yr old Miguel that since he was 11has been head on in all the activities and showing to future skater generations that the sky is the limit) it is still not finished.It is safe to say that not even the city goverment knows how much work it takes to make a well organized and function skatepark, thanks to the work a few parents that have contribute infinite hours to helping the kids sell so many candies mount Everest would be jealous ,they have what we can proudly say the BEST SKATEPARK IN PUERTO RICO.

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